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Agenda for Webcast Academy Session 2.2.1 Meeting

Many of you have emailed and asked what you could be doing before class, well, here it is!
Get ready for session 1. The Navigation on the webcast academy is being edited, so bear with us.
By the end of Webcast Academy session 1 you will be ready to record, edit and upload your intro audio.
In order to be more familiar, go to the site and you will see a calendar of events. It will be great if you can listen to some of the great webcast shows.  While you listen you can also participate in the chat, which will help you get practice multi-tasking.

1. Go to the book of Webcasting
 We want you to get familiar with the site.
Go to Academy Participation and review the page Site Orientation
Here is where you will find information from previous classes.

2. Find the Webcast Kit, download and try out the software for your operating system/computer.
 Here is a screen cast made from the last class. This will help you navigate the site. You will need the headphones in order to talk and not give everyone feedback or echo.
The versions will not be the same as the screen shot. Listen to the whole little video for instructions on downloading and recording your introduction.

3. Find Curriculum
Topic 1, then locate  Basic Audio Editing, here you will find directions for making your first audio which will be your introduction!
When you are using your software for recording and have questions, please use the help in  your menu of  your screen. Also check out the forums and leave questions and check the threads that have already been started.

Your homework: before session #1July 25/26

Download the software and try it out to see that it works.
Listen to as many webcasts as you can, participate in the chat.
Get familiar with the Book of Webcasting.

Homework to complete Session #1 due August 1/2, 2007
Create your audio introduction  screencast here:
Participate in the forums.
Create you blog and post your audio.
Post reflections about your journey into webcasting.

Here we go!

Cheryl and Susan

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