Class of 1.2, Workshop#3a

Class of 1.2, Workshop#3a
Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills

August 13, 2006
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10:45:56 Trevor: Thanks - we will have Vietnamese educators from a dozen different American universities listening in at 9.
10:46:36 JL: Hello Birol
10:57:19 JL: Hello Alice
10:57:25 JL: skypecast at:
11:02:13 JL: I don' think it will allow more than one user with the same ID
11:02:39 JL: Hello all
11:02:46 larcclass: quangthe egoist is here
11:02:53 JL: Welcome to the Webcast Academy Workshop Webcast
11:04:10 JL: Hello Randy. Skypecast at:
11:04:22 Randy: thanks
11:05:26 JL: Right now we're listening in to your workshop
11:05:42 JL: So, if you're listening to the stream you'll only hear yourselves
11:05:57 lark: hello this is lark with a k
11:06:12 larc_lab: hello, this is larc florida
11:07:13 cheryloakes: hello
11:07:26 larc_lab: who is charyl?
11:07:31 alicebarr: hello cheryl
11:07:36 JL: hello Cheryl. Skypecast at:
11:07:39 larc_lab: alice?
11:07:50 lark: i am lost
11:07:52 JL: Trevor, would anyone there like to say hello to those of us in the skypecast?
11:08:08 cheryloakes: :D this is webcast academy
11:08:41 LARC_Kim: Hello everyone! I am Kim from Arizona State University
11:08:51 cheryloakes: I'll skype soon, moving around.
11:08:56 cheryloakes: Hi Kim
11:09:30 LARC_Kim: Hi cheryloakes! Where are you from?
11:10:27 viet44: Welcome to the group, I am lost too.
11:10:41 cheryloakes: Kim, I am from Wells, Maine
11:11:02 LARC_Kim: This is my first time doing this!
11:11:11 cheryloakes: Hi Carla
11:11:29 carlaarena: hi, cheryl
11:11:41 carlaarena: do you have the link to the skypecast?
11:11:47 larc: Hello! This is KimDzung from UCRiverside, Ca.
11:11:48 LARC_Kim: Viet44 are you OK now?
11:11:49 JL:
11:11:58 carlaarena: thanks, jeff
11:12:39 viet44: Hi kim, how is the weather in Maine today? By the way, my name is Tony
11:13:14 LARC_Kim: Hi Viet 44 I am from San Diego. Wonderful weather!
11:13:27 cheryloakes: Hello TOny, I am in Wells, ME, the weather is 70 degrees F, and a nice cool breeze.
11:13:49 viet44: Greeting from San Diego!!!It is great here
11:14:20 larc: Randy, how are you today?
11:15:14 viet44: Hello Cheryl. I am glad that the weather in Maione is great today. But overhere, everyday is just great in term of weather
11:16:13 larc: Hello, Viet 44. Welcome to LARC workshop! Hope you have a great time here.
11:16:16 cheryloakes: We like how the weather changes, and Ive lo snow
11:16:29 cheryloakes: we love snow in Maine.
11:17:39 viet44: I love Maine's lobster too. It is great asset for Maine
11:18:16 carlaarena: here in brasilia, we have a wonderful blue sky, sunny day with barbecue smell!
11:18:22 cheryloakes: lobster sounds yummy for today.
11:18:36 cheryloakes: Carla, we had smoked ribs yesterday,
11:19:03 carlaarena: sounds great, cheryl
11:19:57 larc: Chi Nga! How are you today? You had great time last night, didn't you?
11:20:09 cheryloakes: I'll be in skypecast soon.
11:21:40 dave: ack.
11:21:43 dave: webcastacademy
11:26:04 carlaarena: no. You sound perfect to me, Jeff!!!
11:26:07 Randy: interesting...Jeff sound is perfect to me
11:30:31 carlaarena: yeah, jeff. In my case, that´s what i wasn~t able to do...sound check!!!
11:31:01 carlaarena: no.
11:31:31 ziaad: hi
11:31:52 carlaarena: i´m in my in-laws house, so this computer is a total stranger to me!!!
11:31:56 JL: Great bandwidth checker -
11:34:47 Randy: can I have the skypecast link
11:35:51 cheryloakes: :) back again.
11:37:19 Dennis: When URLs are given here, for me they are not copyable or clickable. Why?
11:37:31 Randy: can you paste the skypecast link again?
11:37:38 JL:
11:37:40 JL: oops
11:37:42 JL: standby
11:37:58 JL:
11:38:03 Randy: thanks!
11:38:08 carlaarena: during the other skypecast we had, people didn´t say who they were, so it was hard for me to tell who was speaking, so I guess this is something we should pay attention to
11:38:37 carlaarena: true.
11:39:23 Dennis: Thanks!
11:39:29 carlaarena: or just hold the ctrl key!
11:40:46 carlaarena: I guess that´s what makes a webcast really special, cheryl
11:43:30 carlaarena: lol
11:48:56 Trevor: Which USB headset are you using? A facutly development program at SDSU recommends Logitech 350 -- great sound!
11:50:59 Trevor: Sorry - can i have the Skype URL again?
11:51:45 JL:
11:53:30 Trevor: The Logitech 350 also has a mute button.
11:54:06 dave: wire crossover?
11:54:17 Trevor: Carla gave me my first Skype call on Thursday! -- Hi, Carla
11:54:39 carlaarena: hi, trevor!
11:55:17 carlaarena: deDennis, great to hear you!
11:55:42 JL:
11:56:32 alicebarr: can you hear me?
11:57:09 JL: you're up alice
11:57:57 alicebarr: I'll give someone else a turn
11:58:51 JL: come back on Alice
11:58:54 JL: so we can listen
11:59:12 dave:
11:59:17 dave: who says i can't multitask
11:59:24 dave: this is what i'm doing while i talk...
12:00:26 alicebarr: Should I be rambling?
12:00:41 JL: can you join the skypecast alice
12:01:50 carlaarena: i loved the photos, dave
12:02:07 carlaarena: and that´s the first time I really "see" you!!!
12:02:36 Trevor: You are loud and clear Alice!
12:03:43 JL:
12:04:10 dave: must go and tend to the oscar
12:04:13 dave: bye all!
12:04:14 dave: have fun
12:07:00 Randy: I must go! I will be sure to try things out this week. Bye everyone!
12:08:47 JL: We hear you Cheryl
12:08:51 JL: yes
12:09:02 alicebarr: Ih ehearr you cyl
12:09:03 carlaarena: we can hear you, cheryl
12:09:40 alicebarr: CeHryl can you hear Jeff
12:10:11 alicebarr: Try yeour bitrat?
12:11:58 JL:
12:14:50 Trevor: I lost the window that allows me to ask for the microphone
12:14:58 JL: For me the biggest hurdle initially was broadcasting from within the school network. I could not connect to the stream due to filters at schools so I had to be connected by the home team (Dave, Jeff, Alex, etc) and host from Skype which does work at the school. From home streaming is easy, but I had to work on making sure all the audio settings on the mac were set correctly so I could be heard on the stream. By watching the audio LEDs in Nicecast, I know if I am getting a signal from my voice as well as from the participants joining me. Echo/Sound Test Service (echo123 in Skype) will give you a connection to test this detail.
12:16:09 cheryl-lost-oakes: i can't get to server
12:20:30 Trevor: Is there a way of copying the text from the chat room?
12:21:00 alicebarr: 5th button from the left
12:21:08 carlaarena: trevor, clikc on the 5th button
12:21:24 Trevor: Thanks!!!
12:23:25 carlaarena: i´ll have to leave now. bye. I´ll keep trying out things!
12:23:35 carlaarena: jeff, thanks for your help
12:25:28 Trevor: Thanks for great introduction to Webcasting for our workshop participants here at LARC in San Diego. I'm a little behind in the webcasting, but I'll catch up -- anyway a lot is being learned along the way.
12:26:56 JL: Thanks Trevor
12:27:13 JL: Have a great Sunday
12:40:25 JL:
12:45:08 Daniel: ellos
12:45:34 alicebarr: I am getting an Error logging in probably because Cheryl is using B
12:48:21 Daniel: who on earth is Trevor?
12:48:32 Daniel: hi Alice
12:48:56 alicebarr: Hi Daniel
12:49:29 Daniel: where are you from?
12:49:34 alicebarr: Maine
12:49:37 alicebarr: You?
12:50:24 Daniel: Mexico
12:50:34 Daniel: u a student?
12:52:14 Daniel: hell
12:57:13 Daniel: wb Alice
12:57:24 cheryl-lost-oakes: are you listening alice
12:57:29 cheryl-lost-oakes: to sandbox b
12:57:42 alicebarr: Ok I can hear you on Sandbox B
12:58:03 alicebarr: I am listening on Sandbox
12:58:04 cheryl-lost-oakes: Alice I am good to go, you are not on skpye
12:58:11 cheryl-lost-oakes: how does it sound to you/
12:58:25 alicebarr: My Skype is a mess
12:58:26 cheryl-lost-oakes: I had to mess with my so und settings in system preferences
12:58:27 alicebarr: Hot?
12:58:45 alicebarr: Sandbox is GREAT!
12:58:57 alicebarr: I can hear perfectly
12:59:12 cheryl-lost-oakes: thanks to Jeff, and Alice I'll email you.
12:59:18 alicebarr: Yes my machine is high school hot
12:59:26 alicebarr: Yes Jeff THANK YOU
13:00:20 cheryl-lost-oakes: bye alice
13:00:24 alicebarr: Bye
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