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A Second Life Dicussion with Spin Martin, aka Eric Rice

Following the Webcast Academy Workshop on Tuesday May 9, 2006, we headed into Second Life for some skypecasting and a group tour to help us get better oriented into this very engaging virtual world.

We were fortunate to come across Eric Rice, aka Spin Martin, who aside from being a Real Life leader in the world of New Media(see and, is pioneering the use of SL as a medium for creating personal media and doing cool collaboratve things .

Hipcast Conference Center - photo from:, who was working on the  soon to be launched Hipcast conference center, was very generous with his time, fielding questions from us newbies and filling us in on some of his plans to bring Real Life events to Second Life.

Download mp3 ( 29:38, 13.5MB)


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SL & Worldbridges webcasting convergence

I'm still surpised how easy it was for you to make contact with Eric and invite him to the webcast, and, as you say, how generous he was with his time to explain the basics to us newbies.

It surely shows the potential for spontaneous webcasts involving the convergence of Worldbridges and Second Life as a way of attracting people to webcasts, helped I suppose by using a Skypecast.

I've posted a snapshot I took during the wehbcast here

I have also managed to track down the URL of the forum set up by the SL Esperanto group:

There are some interesting observations here about using SL for language learning by some educators who are actually trying to do this at the moment.

Graham Stanley (SL: Baldric Commons)

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