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EdTechTalk Brainstorm - July 20, 2006

Hi, I am sending along the edited audio for the EdTechTalk Brainstorm for last Thursday. I hosted the show for Doug Symington. Discussions on the show centered around blog software such as elgg and WordPress and its application for schools, and the EducationBridges Elgg.

Dave from Florida joined in and talked about his experience setting up a blog for his region and had quite a bit to contribute. Paul Ellerman, Cathy and chat room participants had information to add as well.

The recording starts after the show began due to technical difficulties...mosty my own! Please excuse the audio quality..voice levels were not even and I had to resort to a Planetronics headset after my mic broke right before showtime! I fixed it as well as I could for the time had to is very time consuming to fix if not recorded well to start with.


Download MP3 (30.6mb, 1:06)

ETBS-2006-07-20.mp330.55 MB

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