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Lee's Intro

Welcome to all the 1.2 interns. The neighborhood is getting very exciting and I am anxious to get to know everyone better. I have really enjoyed the introductions from everyone! I have recorded my intro and it is admittedly sappy way around it...but I love messing around with enhancing and editing audio. (This recording is also set up as an enhanced podcast.)

I didn't mention that my previous careers were playing with a musical touring group, audio engineer, and trainer for a USET World Champion Endurance Racer (not all at the same time!) In the academy, I have done the webcast called SpaceCast (8th grade elgg students, their teachers and guests) and been involved with Teachers Teaching Teachers. It's nice to meet all of you and to learn more about the other 1.1 interns.


Download MP3 (1.84mb, 1:34)


LeeBaberIntro.mp31.84 MB


A Flickrgroup photo

A Flickrgroup photo collection would be great. 

Cheryl Oakes

loved the intro!

Lee, I really enjoyed your intro! I love the way you say that you live in the mountains. I think we should all have a world tour where the interns travel around to everyone's house! Could you put up some pictures? I'd love to see what it looks like where you live! I could put up some pictures of my neighborhood.. in fact maybe the interns should start a flicker group?

Wait! In all of our content management systems, there must be a place for shared pictures?? What fun that would be! My brother, in maybe somewhere around 1966 went to Ham Radio camp one summer. In a way, what we are doing is not any different!!

my two cents

I used Nicecast until I got tired of the white noise and then splurged and bought it and like it. I've been using SAM on the XP system and have been putting up with the loud ad that comes on although I've been thinking it's time to buy it (more expensive than Nicecast) - Alex Ragone was just telling me that they're using an alternative to SAM that they are pleased with, which is either free or much less expensive than SAM but I don't have my notes with me right now. He said that it's much simpler than SAM. SAM seems more complex than what I need, but this past spring, I had two 11th graders running a webcast with SAM and without batting an eylash, they were not testing but actually using all sorts of interesting features in SAM that I had not even begun to explore, so maybe it's not more than is what is needed!

Mac Questions.

Hi Lee,

Thanks already for the help with Mac questions.

Should I purchase nicecast or is there a better two way recording software. Already my computer has crashed with code all over the screen. I am getting a new intel macbook next week, should I wait to purchase Nicecast or whatever to see how it will work?

Cheryl Oakes

Windows or Mac Streaming Software?


You get 20 minutes free everytime you use nicecast then the white noise comes on which forces you to stop broadcasting. Why not try it out that way till next week. I think I would need to ask around for an answer to this question since you are going to have the option to use either platform. I have not used any windows based streaming software.

Anybody else have an opinion on this? What is the best software regardless of platform?


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