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Webcast Academy Meeting

Raw Audio from our June 26 Meeting
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Stay tuned for Lee's edited audio distilled show notes.

Meeting Agenda

Tech Stuff
Administrative Stuff 
  • Naming Conventions - 1.1 vs. 1.2 (class groups, level of study, or both)
  • Finalizing details for graduduation, certificate of proficiency/Worldbridges Webcasting License (dates, requirements, next steps)
  • Next class of interns - timeframe, availability of mentorss, groups?
  • Reference material creation & organization


ID3 Tags

It was very interesting to hear the conversation about ID3 tags and I agree totally that there needs to be consistency and convention.

Anyone listening to shows using a high capacity mp3 player will know how frustrating it is to transfer a bunch of podcasts to their player looking forward to listening to them and then not be able to find them because of the ID3 tags.

I have found some of the network podcasts listed under the genre of 'discussion', 'education', 'other' 'unknown' and then some of Alex and Arvind's shows and Lee's appear under the genre of 'blues'!

What I found strange is that no-one suggested using the term 'podcast', which is probably the most obvious one to use, and which is the one being used by most other shows of a similar type outside of the Worldbridges network. From Bob Sprankle to IT Conversations, David Warlick to the EdTech Possee.

I suggest it makes sense to follow suit and label the genre of all the shows as 'podcast'. My guess is that this is what most listeners would expect (but, perhaps this would make a good poll for EdTechTalk?).

ID3 Tags

Yes Graham, I think we should tag them as podcasts as well. I am glad you caught that my posts are labeled Blues! I will go and get them tagged properly. Some folks may not know how to do that. Just remember to go to Tutorcasts website to see how to add ID3 tags to posts. Lee

ID3 tags & chipmunks

It's something that's easily done - I've been checking the ID3 tags for EFL Bridges podcasts too, and have spotted some tagged with 'blues' as the genre too - it's what I normally choose when I encode into mp3 from Audacity, knowing that I'll change it later. But, obviously, that doesn't always happen.

I'm also having to upload some of the mp3 files again (a long story - they don't work with the Flash Player as they're encoded at 24KHz instead of 22KHz and you get this so-called "chipmunk effect". Funny thing is though, is that I'm sure that that my Audacity settings were set to 22KHz and yet they came out at 24KHz. Or, it could be that I'm hallucinating)

Phew! this webcasting mularky isn't the piece of cake that those clever guys at World Bridges make it out to be, is it?

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