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Class of 1.3 & Worldbridges Webcastathon

Dear Webcast Academy Registrants,

  You are receiving this email because you registered at The Webcast Academy  and there's a lot going on there as we get ready to welcome the Class of 1.3 and prepare for The Worldbridges Webcastathon.  A web based version of this newsletter is at

Class of 1.3
 This will be the last 1.x class at the Academy (Class 2.1 will be beginning in early January). 
If you are interested in joining the Class of 1.3, please fill out the 'Webcast Apprentice' portion of your Webcast Academy Profile and post a comment in the Apply for Class of 1.3 Forum thread indicating your interest in joining. If you have any questions, please post them in the About the Academy Forums, so everyone at the academy can share in the info exchange. 

What does it mean to become an intern?
Interns are expected to work collaboratively with other members of the Academy community, contribute to the development of training resources, and eventually produce and publish at least three live, interactive webcasts. We're a pretty 'low-pressure' environment, but we do ask that interns be willing to invest a couple hours/week during their internship.  All materials produced at the Academy (and all Worldbridges sites) are released with a Creative Commons  license  There is no fee for participating and no official commitment after you complete your internship, but we hope that graduated interns will remain part of the community, assisting future classes and possibly webcasting somewhere on the Worldbridges network. Everyone is welcome to join, although if we receive more applicants than we can handle, priority will be given to those interested in webcasting 'Worldbridgy' kind of content - that is educational, collaborative, and/or inter-cultural.
There will be several 'open houses' during Webcastathon weekend (dates and times will be announced on the Academy website next week) and the first Class of 1.3 sessions will be scheduled the week of Oct. 16-22.  

Worldbridges Webcastathon
Thursday Oct. 12 11pmGMT ~ Monday, Oct. 16, 2amGMT
Webcast Academy interns will be putting there skills to use as Worldbridges attempts its longest ever webcastathon.
Class of 1.1 & 1.2 interns, please edit the Tentative Schedule to add the shows you'll be webcasting during the Webcastathon. (click edit/ use either Xinha or Tinymce / expand publishing options and check 'create new revision').  All types of content are welcome, so in addition to webcasting your own shows,  feel free to invite guests to be interviewed, DJ podsafe music shows, or offer your streaming services to producers of podcasts you like.  There are always late breaking schedule announcements during webcastathons, so stay tuned to and the Academy website for the latest info.

Thanks again to everyone for helping to build this community.  Just a reminder for those interested in content management systems, the Drupal CMS Academy is gaining some momentum and other CMS Academy branches may be activated soon. See for more info.

Happy Webcasting to all,

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