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Webcast Academy Town Hall #1

 A good discussion about what is on the agenda for  Class of 1.1 and what happens after 'graduation'. 

wca-townhall1-2006-06-06.mp337.97 MB


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Webcast Novice

Sorry I've missed out on the Town Hall. I keep meaning to try and burn that midnight oil, but keep conking out and heading for the land of nod, exhausted.

Some very interesting ideas indeed. I must admit that I personally don't feel like a webcaster yet. As Lee mentions in this webcast, she helped me to get a trial stream going, and it worked fine. But then it didn't work for me when I tried it on the Sunday after, and I didn't have time to fiddle around with it, so I just Skypecast (which felt like cheating).

This weekend, though, I'm determined to get that stream going).

So, I personally feel I'm still at the starting blocks, though I hope I'll be off and running soon.

Want to Practice?

I will be happy to do a webcast with you as practice, Graham. I have not been able to connect on air at school for my SpaceCast so I want to get practice also so I can get a webcast started for summer. I can broadcast at home. I have a few ideas to discuss and you need to practice so maybe we could each broadcast in a sandbox and have one another as a practice guest. Its just a matter of trying it out till it works! Lee

Definitely Lee - that sounds

Definitely Lee - that sounds great. Let's talk about it on Skype

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