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Webcast Academy Meeting - Sept. 3, 2006

 Webcast Academy Meeting
Sept. 3, 2006

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A Webcast Academy meeting for Class of 1.1 and 1.2 interns to check in and see 'where we're at'.  Topics included:

- Interncasts for 1.2'ers
- Posting, streaming, and other tech issues
- 1.1'ers certifications and graduation
- upcoming webcastathons and this season's webcast schedule
- any other questions or issues interns would like to address

10:50:28 carlaarena: hi, all!
10:50:48 Trevor: Hello Jeff and Carla!
10:51:09 JL: Beijos Carla
10:51:22 carlaarena: trevor, i´ve been meaning to contact you, but life has been crazy...
10:51:34 carlaarena: jeff, I thought you gave up on us...
10:52:06 JL: No, just ran away for a while :)
10:52:08 JL: I'm back now
10:52:18 JL: skypecast at:
10:52:29 carlaarena: I was going to send you an email to see what happened...
10:52:50 carlaarena: Well, in a certain way erika and I were relieved...
10:52:57 JL: Didn't read my pre-departure blog post?
10:53:05 carlaarena: NO!!!
10:53:14 carlaarena: not because you left us...
10:53:39 carlaarena: but because we´ve been working a lot and couldn´t dedicated ourselves to the Academy...
10:54:02 JL: These 'day jobs' are really getting in the way
10:54:55 carlaarena: we´ve been giving lots of workshops to teachers and are dealing with some projects...
10:55:27 JL: Is does the school year begin in Brazil?
10:55:33 JL: when does...
10:58:46 Trevor: Hello Jason and Alice!
10:58:58 JL: Hello Alice - skypecast at:
10:59:00 JL: oops
10:59:02 JL: wrong URL
10:59:17 JL:
10:59:24 alicebarr: Hello and thanks
11:05:45 DougSymington: hi all
11:05:57 JL: Hey Doug, skypecast at
11:07:39 Trevor: Hello Doug in Victoria (right?)
11:08:16 carlaarena: trevor, i wanted to contact you before...
11:08:49 carlaarena: i have a friend working in the university of oregon and she´ll start teaching Portuguese
11:08:59 carlaarena: i told her about you...
11:09:12 carlaarena: maybe you could think of doing something together
11:12:20 carlaarena: I agree with alice...
11:12:41 carlaarena: if i had a deadline, maybe i would have given up!!!
11:13:24 carlaarena: true, trevor!
11:15:26 carlaarena: the screencasts are great guides
11:17:11 carlaarena: they give us a guideline on what you expect from us, interns...
11:19:32 Trevor: Carla, I just started reading the chat room postings again.
11:19:44 alicebarr: I like the screencasts too. Very helpful
11:20:28 carlaarena: oh, ok, trevor...
11:20:46 Trevor: We have a very dynamic Portuguese professor -- it would probably be possible to get him interested in collaboration. He is doing a lot of work with favelas in Brazil and has a foundation called the two brothers foundation.
11:21:27 carlaarena: i´ll tell her to contact you. her name is Bené.
11:21:44 carlaarena: and you can also count on you...
11:22:06 carlaarena: count on me, I mean!!!
11:22:11 JL:
11:23:09 carlaarena: hi, doug!
11:23:15 dave: la.
11:23:54 carlaarena: I´d love to know what the 1.1 guys are doing in relaation to webcasts...
11:24:39 DougSymington: Hi Carla
11:24:42 DougSymington: and Dave
11:24:56 dave: lol
11:25:05 dave: 10!
11:26:22 carlaarena: 2nd goal from Brazil against Argentina!!!
11:27:09 carlaarena: that´s nice to know
11:27:11 dave: brad hicks
11:27:15 dave: has two shows
11:27:35 carlaarena: great!
11:29:39 carlaarena: the beginning of spring in Brazil!!!
11:29:40 dave: eqxweb
11:29:57 carlaarena: what would that be about?
11:30:01 dave: not tonight please!
11:30:10 leandrolameiro:
11:30:39 dave: What do i need to do to start my own show
11:30:40 carlaarena: thrilling!!!
11:30:41 dave: ?
11:30:50 carlaarena: brazilbridges, then!
11:31:03 dave: woohoo
11:31:31 carlaarena: i don´t know...
11:31:38 leandrolameiro: what would be brazilbridges about?
11:32:13 carlaarena: cultural aspects, maybe???
11:32:40 carlaarena: leandro is a popular name in Brazil!!!
11:33:06 leandrolameiro: i am. just trying to improve my english, not a webcaster...
11:33:17 dave: ACK!
11:33:22 leandrolameiro: (still(
11:33:22 carlaarena: where are you leandro?
11:33:31 leandrolameiro: sao paulo
11:33:40 carlaarena: I knew it!!!
11:33:46 leandrolameiro: did you?
11:33:50 carlaarena: I´m in Brasilia
11:34:31 leandrolameiro: nice to meet you
11:35:31 carlaarena: Jeff, I´ll have to leave now...time for lunch, Polenta and Pork!!!
11:35:39 carlaarena: plus red wine
11:35:42 carlaarena: yes, bob
11:35:57 DougSymington: enjoy your lunch Carla
11:36:06 DougSymington: sounds delicious
11:36:24 leandrolameiro: hi graham!
11:36:24 DougSymington: hey Graham
11:36:27 carlaarena: yeah, doug, really yummy!
11:36:33 Graham: Hi everyone!
11:36:35 dave: oh my. video
11:36:42 dave: we used to do video
11:37:50 dave: dave doesn't like video webcasting
11:39:13 dave: i muted
11:39:49 dave: that's recording... webcasting makes it more complicated
11:40:12 dave: got a link to that camera?
11:40:57 Trevor: Just an iSight camera for a mac - $105.00
11:42:00 test: yo graham
11:43:06 JL: skypecast at
11:43:38 Graham: Hi Jeff
11:43:47 Graham: I'm listening in while working
11:46:12 Trevor: Thanks as always for hosting the webcast and building a community!
11:46:41 DougSymington: thanks all, enjoy the weekend and have a great week
11:47:55 test: good show
11:48:48 JasonR: Logged into the chat ~11:40am. Nothing going on. Log back in, see folks here.
11:48:50 JasonR waves
11:49:02 test: just finished
11:49:10 test: caught the last couple of mins
11:49:38 JasonR: Was busy anyway with work. Oh well. Sure it was scintillating as usual.
11:49:44 JasonR: :)
11:49:46 test: lol
11:50:24 JasonR: See the interface for chat is back to normal. But still says SigmaBeta at the top
11:51:23 test: streaming is cool but a good idea could be to archive the show for instant reruns
11:52:44 test: ok checking out evryone take care
12:02:12 JasonR: bye
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