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Audio by artist a_merce

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - AWFUL!

Kids, don't try this at home! Lisa Parisi has been having significant audio issues, so when we went to record, this is what I got...

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - Better

Okay, when you have audio like on my last file, you try to locate the source, so I asked someone else if they would chat with me in Skype so I could record it. Sharon Peters pitched in. Still you can hear some significant volume issues. The weird background noise is gone though.

This is done in Audacity on a PC. 

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - Best

Okay, I ran this through a great program called Levelator. This evens out volume levels. I think you can hear the difference.

Show #2 for my Webcast Portfolio: Alice's Restaurant - A conversation with James Farmer of edublogs

Okay, James is a very hard guy to pin down, but I did it! Our discussion was based in a series of blog posts that started with Will Richardson's post from a conference on the Future of the Teacher.

James' post

Audio of planning meeting for It's Elementary

This is an audio recording of the planning session we had on It's Elementary. This will give you an idea of what you need to talk out before the show. This is a link to the version of the planning wiki page the discussion was based on:

Webcast Academy Graduationcast for Alice Mercer

Here it is! HEY, where's my certificate?

by Dr. Radut