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Worldbridges LiveWIRE - May 13, 2005

Interviews & Links Mentioned

Today’s webcast included podsafe music found at

Syd - Back Home - Boston

Sleepwalker - Project Invisible Cloister - Bulgaria

(no chat log was archived from this webcast)

Jeff Lebow Gradcast, Class of 1.1

Jeff Lebow Gradcast
Class of 1.1
August 11, 2007

Thanks very much to all those who joined in during my gradcast and
all those who have been part of my webcasting journey along the way.

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Chat Log Below

12:57:39  JoseR ->  JL tell me when you are ready to kick off
12:58:40  JoseR ->  the stream

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 2.3

So, who is that guy who's always nagging about audio specifications, ID3 Tags, and audio quality?

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 3.1

Thought I'd get the ball rolling for introductions.  Look forward to virtually meeting 3.1 interns.

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 4.1

I'm an Academy 'oldtimer' who currently lives in Bow, NH, but will be moving to Busan Korea soon. I do some teaching and a lot of geeking. My webcaster portfolio is here and my negelcted personal website here.

by Dr. Radut