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Audio by artist lee_ann_baber

SpaceCast5 by Lee Ann Baber

SpaceCast7 by Lee Ann Baber

SpaceCast Episode #7 is edited and ready to go. This is one of the better live events for our middle school elgg students ( this school year. Paul Allison and I joined Madeline Brownstone for a nice student cast session. The students are starting to get more comfortable with webcasting and seem to be more themselves. We will be discussing ways to help the comfort zone grow for the students and how to guide but not interfere with their "space" and dynamics during the Teachers Teaching Teachers Wednesday. We will skip this week's webcast but will be back on November 3rd at 10:30 am EST. (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast) I will add one thing about this recording. I had originally set it up for my iTunes Podcast and it was an m4a. Since that is a really large file, I sent it to audacity, then iTunes, then converted it to mp3 again. Well, when editing I had cut some pieces out and left the holes of silence. I forgot to join them before my series of exports since I was teaching and doing this at the same time. As a result you will hear some very obvious audio editing flaws. I am not sure I will fix it right away with more work to do before going back so excuse the quality! Oh my, just another day in the audio editing merry-go-round!

SpaceCast - Oh to Be 13!

SpaceCast Episode #9 from our middle school elgg students ( contemplate some very important questions - "What is it like....." (to  be 13 in Virginia, to  be 14 in New York, for my mom to be 13). I know I would not want to be 13 again but listen in for some different opinions from Paul Allison, Lee Baber and Madeline Brownstone classrooms for a student cast session that is really starting to grow up.  Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wednesday continue to discuss plans for the cast. We will be back on November 17th at 10:30 am EST -- 15:30 GMT. (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast).

by Dr. Radut