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WAW Meeting 1.2.5 - A Webcast Academy Webcast

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Webcast Academy Meeting 1.2.5

September 10


- Proficiency 'Badges' and Certification, Intern Portfolios  
   Webcast Components - Streamer, Host, Director, Editor, Publisher, others?
- Shoutcast (self-streaming, stream info, streamripper)
- A Webcast Academy Client?
- Webcastathon Planning
- Book of Webcasting
- Live Video (webcam & desktop) Academy Video Room
      Plug in link below the video window
     Needed Software NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video) Tools
        Shoutcast Forums - Video Section

Meeting 1.2.6 - Sept. 17, 2006

Our Weekly Webcast Academy Meeting

- Webcastathon Rescheduled
- 'Commencement Ceremonies'
- Class of 1.3 and 2.1 (EVO special)
- Proficieny 'pillars' & certification criteria

  1. Audio Engineer - record & edit telephony conversation
  2. Streamer - webcast the audio from a telephony conversation
  3. Show Manager - moderate the discussion, manage callers
  4. Publisher - post edited audio and show notes on a website
                     1+2+3+4= Webcaster
- Tech Issues

Webcast Academy Meeting - 1.2.8

Academy Meeting 1.2.8
Oct. 1, 2006
Download mp3

Reading Treasures Show


Some of the "usual suspects" get together to discuss the "state of the academy."

You can also catch more on WCA at this week's ETBS

by Dr. Radut