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Carlos F recording both ends telephony 3

Let's see if this is the right one...


Congrats & a question - video comment

You should be able to click 'play video comment' below to watch the comment.


In case you can't - Congrats on making progress. Skype lady sounded like she was on speaker being recorded by your microphone (as opposed to be captured via your soundcard). Was that the case?

Answering Jeff

Hi Jeff,

I tried to use the same kind of answer but I don't know if I succeded...
You were certainly right about the first question: thew sound came probably from the speakers I kept using (Creative - SBS vivid 60), because everytime I unplugged the speakers and just used the Audio 310 from Plantronics the Skype lady was heard but in a very low tone that I have never managed to amplify. By the time I uploaded the audio file I was not aware of this.

This afternoon I tried for some hours to record audacity + Skype lady without the creative speakers but I always got the same result with my headset. So I don't send you any new recording as I didinĀ“t manage to get any new results.

Ah! I went to to see if there was some software to down load and found nothing, so I started usind the headset with what I had. It's a two separate inputs system and as I work in a laptop there are no special entries: you just plug in each input in the right whole....

I'll be in tomorrow for the meeting...

I've explained all of this in case you don't manage to see the video.



Still on sound

I'm getting a bit dissapointed...
Got the USB sound adapter... In Lisbon, in the biggest store I could only find a Usb Sound adaptor from conceptronics , then I installed it, connected the mic to it and the headspeakers to the regular entry and ... nothing... I changed most of the options and I don't seem to get it right.... Is there anything else I should do?


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