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Carlos F WA recording both ends telephony

It was my first experience and sound is far from being good... I still have to work on that... The system (I don't know why!) doesn't accept more than 16 bits... There is a persistant echo which I can't seem to get rid of... Nevertheless, it's done... The next step is the assignement... we'll see 



Congratulations on getting the two way recording posted.

Not quite sure what's causing the audio anomaly. Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of various settings on your computer? Something like this:

To create the screenshot, you can use Jing, MSPaint, or Irfanview. You can then attach it to a blog post or go to My Account/Personal files, attach it there, and then link to it.

The screenshot you (Jeff) required


I'm having a bad connection on Internet (probably my modem doesn't like to work on sundays!) Nevertheless, I think I got it with Ning The URL - all in one page The embed link - all in one page All of it together The URL - one by one - each capture separate The embed code - one by one my%202%20ends%20telephony%20problems Have fun Carlos

Skype Mic Setting

Very helpful image sharing Carlos.

The first thing I suggest adjusting is your Skype microphone setting

Change it to your USB mic and also uncheck 'let skype adjust my audio settings'

Re-recording both ends telephony 2

Hi Jeff, I've introduced the changes you proposed, retaped the audio and this is what I got. I think it is better although there still is echo, mainly when Audio repeater is on. I am going to upload straight after this message. Thanks


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