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Carlos F Webcast Academy Introduction 2008-07-22

Cover (front)

It's my final version ( I hope!) of the introduction. I think I respected all the specifications... At least, I tried...


Nice intro - difficult name

I won't be able to pronounce, much less remember, your name sir. That was a wonderful intro and I hope you enjoy webcastacademy as much as the webheads.



difficult name


Mrs Durff, it's not all that difficult to pronounce my family name. Carlos is easy as you might have already heard it from spanish: it is spelled more or less the same way... as for the family name english speakers have some trouble with the f and rr together... try FE (as in fe from felicitate) RREI (as in rai from rain) and RA (as in ra from rabbit). Get it all together and you'll get a decent portuguese accent for sure....

about this recording


I have just realised I got it wrong as I didn't have the updated version of Audacity ... I'll take care of it tomorrow orning and will redo the intro... Thank you Linda for your helpful tip...



I Think I did it...

audio | by Dr. Radut