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Conversation with Albert (part 1)


Note: In the months that  followed,  we encountered  someone with  a very similar voice to Albert claiming to be from a different country with a similar but slightly different story.  The consensus among those that encountered him was that his story was probably not entirely true.  So, amazing life story or amazing performance, new media hoax or blurring of fact and fiction - either way, it still makes for some compelling listening.

   Toward the end of another interesting weekly EdTechbrainstorm hosted by Doug Symington, we were joined in the public skypecast by Albert. As it turns out, Albert was skyping in from a refugee camp in the African desert of Western Sahara. where he is a "blind hippie, teacher, Sufi political dissident".

    For the next 2 and 1/2 hours, the handful of us left in the webcast were captivated by the life experiences and insights he shared. The first few minutes are a bit tech related, but by minute 8 Albert begins painting us an amazing picture of his life. I usually have a difficult time providing a clear answer to the questions "What is Worldbridges?" - to me, this this conversation is Worldbridges.


audio | by Dr. Radut