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Recording Both Sides of a Phone Call- Linda Nitsche

I need to learn how to adjust the volume of the remote caller, but i did manage to set all of the preferences right to make the recording! And I just discovered that the bit rate is too high.

Linda Nitsche Introduction

Hello fellow webcasters! I am looking forward to sharing and learning with you.

Both ends of telephony call try 2

more like try # 1million two

Recording both ends of telephony try 1

although it isnt try #1, more like try 1 million maybe

Carlos F recording both ends telephony 3

Let's see if this is the right one...

Carlos F recording both ends telephony 2

Carlos F WA recording both ends telephony

It was my first experience and sound is far from being good... I still have to work on that... The system (I don't know why!) doesn't accept more than 16 bits... There is a persistant echo which I can't seem to get rid of... Nevertheless, it's done... The next step is the assignement... we'll see 

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.2a

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.2a
July 24, 2008

Episode 3.1.2a of Webcastacademy. A clip of the audio from Thursday's show. The plan is to have sessions on at two different times each week (Thursday evenings and Sunday daytime in North America) to help facilitate access for WCA Interns. Thanks to all who joined via Skype and in the chatroom.

Durff Intro Class of 3.1

Maybe Durff did better this time, maybe not....

Colette Cassinelli - Webcast Academy 3.1 Introduction

Thanks for listening to my audio introduction

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