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Paul Reid - Intern 1.2 Introduction

Hi all,

I don't have Xinha in my Camino browser. So here is an MP3 of my introduction (872kb, 1:51).

I'm very glad to be taking part in this webcast 1.2 internship and would like to thank Brad Hicks for recommending me the fantastic Webcast Academy.

I am the founder of Digital Chalkie and my goal is to help Brad with the production of webcasts for Digital Chalkie in the future. The purpose of Digital Chalkie is to provide a hub for Australian educators using ICT to engage and facilitate the best educational outcomes for their students. The domain name uses the word ‘chalkie’ as an affectionately defunct Australian term for teachers. The goal is to establish a hub/magazine/think-tank for teachers to support each other and to collaborate in the use of ICT.

I look forward to meeting up with you in the webcasts. Would it be possible for the webcasts to occur earlier for the weekend show? 12am GMT perhaps?

Kind regards,

Paul Reid

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