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Try Try Again!

podcamp atlanta right now! streaming?

Hey all,

I'm at podcamp atl and I will try to stream at 3:15.  Most of the attendees are interested in commercial podcasting but I will push on regardless of the nmber of participants I have in my session, podcasting is elementary. 

Finally, once and for all, the WOW2 February 21 The Flat Classroom Show

So here it is!  It's on my podomatic Common Knowledge site.  I only had some GAETC interviews on there and coincidently I had interviewed the WOW ladies!  A double listen! 

This episode captures the conversation between Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay


WOW 2.0 February 20, 2007 Show Finally!


The Intern Show 1.2

Adventures in Webcasting

It was going to go so smoothly. We both got online an hour early and did some testing. Everything seemed like a go. Only, I didn't notice until 15 minutes into the show that I was the only one being recorded. As badly as I would like to post a show...I can't subject listeners to my one sided chucklefest. Lisa did a superb intro and I then I asked her what she'd been doing. It was all very exciting, until I noticed that when she was the only one talking we didn't have any bars on nicecast. Hmmm, we tried me calling her, me skypecasting her, Lisa skyping me etc for a whole hour.

Lo siento, Mea culpa, I apologize!

This evening I had a very nice little chat with durff (aka Lisa). She and I wound up in a skype call after the skypecast got flooded by a bunch of hooligans!

Reasons to use a USB/analog Headset /mic Combo

It's all about controlling your Audio Settings: Today am am using Logitech headset with analog cables and a USB adapter. I will use the USB adapter to input sound from my mic. I will use the analog headset cable to feed my headset. I did have to use a USB hub to make this work since the cables were not long enough. * I purchased it at CompUSA for about $60.

Welcome Enthusiastic Webheads Interns!

Welcome to all new Webhead-webcast members! What a lively group. This session promises to be full of new adventures in webcasting. I chatted with several of you, post-show. My impression is that you all have a wide range of tech-abilities. Message for beginners - don't get discouraged. You can do it!

Deep probing questions for the experts and future plans

In order to complete my internship I must produce three webcasts correct? I have one in the works for this month but the date has yet to be set in stone. I have a plan for a second meeting which will be a forum for the educators from different states who have agreed to work collaboratively with teachers at my school this semester. They don't know about this meeting just yet! The final show, well that remains a mystery. I just know an idea will wander into sight and I'll snare it for the final show. Final is a strong word but without a team I don't think I could keep this up on my own. I think I'll be happy playing backup for wow2 and that's important. I will also be happy to help other new interns.
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