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The eagle has landed

Like most of the interns in 1.3 I have struggled with my audio settings, wrestled with my microphones and tried to rewire my virtual audio cables. All this to be met with consistent failure sprinkled with a healthy dose of encouragement along the way. Enough with the history lesson let me get to the good news! I did it! Last night I was testing my new R1-edirol digital recorder. I was very happy because I was able to use the headphone jack out from the computer and the line-in into my device. I attached my basic headset to the recorder to see if it was picking up anything. Affirmative. I tried a skype call and entered a skypecast. Fine. The only difficulty arose when I tried to join the skypecast. Hmmm, the desktop mic was in the USB but even with some selection adjustments no-go. Ah ha! Why not open the VAC. Yes! The key was in the order I opened the utilities. (Jeff has said this before, I bow down to the great and powerful wizard) I had my R1 attached, the desktop mic plugged in,then I opened and started VAC. Finally I opened and launched the skypecast. I listened through my headphones attached to the R1 and spoke through the desktop mic plugged into the USB. Success! I'm ready to try streaming. I know, I know. When is it available you ask? I don't know but I plan to find out soon. Would any interns like to join me for this exciting first? Let me know. I'm just alittle happy, can you tell?

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