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Out of the Starting Gate

I was so looking forward to joining Webcast Academy to connect with others and learn about webcasting.  Then just as I see that class 3.1 is about to begin, I head out on vacation.  Now, that wouldn't be so bad- took two laptops with me, but I found that the beauty of the Canadian Rockies was not blessed with readily available internet connections.  So, here I am- late out of the starting gate, but eager to catch up.

I am familiar with Audacity, so I thought recording the Introduction would be easy- guess again.  After recording my introduction, I tried to export my file as an mp3, but discovered that I did not have the Options button available on my school-issue PC to save in 64kps.  I tried downloading Audacity again, hoping that I simply needed a new version.  Still didn't work. Then i turned to my Mac. Downloaded Audacity again. Finding and saving the Lame file was a bit tricky, but it always seems to be for me! I tested everything out and WhooHoo, it worked.  I found that I could select 64kps from the Preferences tab, so i was good to go. Once I completed my recording, setting the id tags was easy, but was a new step that i will need to remember to continue to do in future recordings. Uploading the file to Webcast Academy was simple. I really like the addition of "My Studio" and am looking forward to populating it with my UStream channel and recordings.

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