Types of Membership

We welcome participation of all types here at the Academy. Below are details about the different types of memberships and the permissions that go along with them.

 Visitors- Anyone who visits the site. No registration is required to access most of our resources including the Book of Webcasting, theForums , the FAQ , and intern Blogs. It is not necessary to register in order to listen to webcasts or participate in the text chat room. Visitors cannot however post comments, forum questions, or any other kind of content on the site.

Basic Member (no fee) - Registering to become a basic member allows someone to add comments on posts, participate in forum discussions, and complete a personal profile.

Interns - Interns are people willing to make a 6 week commitment to actively participate in an official webcast academy session.  In addition to the above permissions, they can maintain their own blog, edit the Book of Webcasting, and post audio to the site.  They are provided with 100MB of space for their audio files and are given access to stream on the Sandbox A & B channels of the Worldbridges Webcasting Network. There is no fee for those who intend to webcast on the Worldbridges network or produce non-profit, education-related webcasts.

Webcasters - Those who successfully complete an internship are welcome to continue using the Webcast Academy to post shows they produce or to apply for 'producer membership' at any of Worldbridges communities. Webcasters are provided with an additional 300MB of space here.