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Class of 1.2 Orientation, Class of 1.1 Wrap-up

Hello Webcast Academy Interns,

We are finally ready to get things rolling for the Class of 1.2 and wrap things up for the Class of 1.1. Below are a few announcements and reminders.

I'm Jeff Lebow. I'm going to serve as 'Class Coordinator' for the Class of 1.2. Several of the other Class of 1.1 interns will be serving as official 'advisers' and workshop hosts this term and hopefully others will be loitering around the academy, answering questions here, sound-checking the stream there. Below is a tentative schedule of topics to be covered this term.

Topic#1 - Recording telephony calls and basic audio editing
Topic#2 - Basic Streaming
Topic#3 - Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills
Topic#4 - Post-production and advanced audio editing
Topic#5 - Different webcast environments and telephony programs (i.e. Second Life, Paltalk, Gizmo)

We'll aim to cover a topic/week beginning the week of July 30, but there will be plenty of overlap and review along the way. This week (July 23~29), I thought we'd start with basic audio introductions to get acquainted with each other and the basics of uploading audio to the site. A screencast that provides some 'how to' information is at:
Class of 1.1'ers, since we never did this, let's post 'outroductions' as well.

1.1'ers, speaking of things we never did , quite a few of us (myself included) still have not met all of the graduation requirements of producing and publishing 3 live, interactive webcasts and submitting a 'Webcast Report' (by July 31...tick, tick, tick). You'll note a new content type called 'Webcast Report', when you click 'create content'. Please use that to post your reports. Also, we need to successfully complete our webcast relays.
There will be two Webcast Academy Meetings this weekend
Sunday, July23, 7pmGMT
Monday, July 24, 1amGMT
(new interns, please note that times are usually displayed in GMT and should always include a link to the list of global times)

Both of these meetings will start with an orientation for newcomers and a general 'town hall' type of discussion to address issues of Academy organization and development. Toward the end of each meeting, Class of 1.1 interns will demonstrate their webcasting prowess with a dazzling display of stream switching, known as a 'webcast relay'.

Finally, just a reminder - The Webcast Academy is still in its early formative stages and we are very much making things up as we go along. 'We' includes everybody who is participating. Hopefully the Class of 1.2's experience will be a bit more organized then the Class of 1.1's, but rest assured, there's plenty of chaos ahead. Our primary goal is help each other develop our live, interactive webcasting skills and build a community of practice for webcasters. There are no teachers-student roles here. Everyone can ask questions, everyone can answer, and hopefully everyone will help out their fellow interns.

I believe that's all for now. If you have any comments, questions, or ideas, please DO NOT send them by email unless they are of a personal nature. Instead, please post them on the site, either in the forums or as a comment on the relevant post, so that others can benefit from and/or provide answers. Newsletters will be sent out periodically to provide information about scheduling and resources, but please stay tuned to the Webcast Academy site for late-breaking announcements, intern postings, and academy discussions.

Thanks and I look forward to the webcasting adventures ahead,

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