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I like the sound of the Asus more and more.



Durff 3.x Introductions
My twitter is down so I haven't seen any updates to this message. I thought the meeting was scheduled to happen at 3:30pm Phoenix time. Am I in the wrong place? I clicked on the link from the ping message and logged in but I'm the only one there. Peggy
pgeorge Retweet of Academy General Meeting
Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training [riffly_audio]AF4AC6784FDE11DD8A89D6ACAA01D9A4[/riffly_audio]
Doug 3.x Introductions
Thanks Dennis, nicely done. We are having a meeting tomorrow afternoon (see my "retweet" blog post for time) and hope you'll be able to join us then.
Doug Introduction
I am Vinnie Vrotny, the Director of Academic Technology. I look forward to adding a new skill as well as giving back to a network from which I have gathered so much from.
vvrotny 3.x Introductions
My name is Lawrie Phipps, I'm an Academic Developer and Programme Manager in the UK. I've been involved in emergent technologies for a little while working with a bunch of folks in the UK on various projects. We're now looking to do some tech shows so I thought I better bite the bullet and do the course properly rather than trying to 'wing it'. Lawrie
lawrie 3.x Introductions
I learned in 2007 that no matter which e-tools you’re using, your human touch to the online environment is still what matters the most to create a meeting place that is inviting, that makes students comfortable to try out.

software reviews

Gabriella Listening Plus Graduation - A Group of EFL Students

You mentioned you use Skype and that you broadcast music. I am assuming you play the music on itunes or other player, right? The stream will NOT capture individual song track titles and broadcast them. At least not with NiceCast. Like Lorna mentioned you can broadcast your show info. I am not sure there is an automatic plugin that will take this info from your music player. The only other alternative I would see is to broadcast audio like radio365. I am not sure what system configuration they use but the do shoutcast like us. Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

coordinator2 Track data - how?
Hi If I understand your question correctly, you want to display the name of your stream, In Nicecast on the Mac in the "Broadcast" settings - select "Info" for the description , url, genre etc. Hope that is what you are looking for. Lorna Costantini
Lornacos Track data - how?
Hey Doug, Happy to be Moodle Elf. Weekends good for me. Am in NZ so GMT+12. Sunday night 11 for me is sunday morning 12 in London. Not sure about your time? We can work asynch if needed. Will direct tweet you with other details. Cheers, Joyce
catspyjamasnz 3.x Introductions
Hi, I'm Linda a gifted support teacher from southeastern Pennsylvania with over 30 years experience in public education. I am a little nervous about having joined webcast academy but am equally excited. I am looking forward to a experience with lots of learning ahead. Linda
lnitsche 3.x Introductions
tom School Newspaper Online
I'm not sure how this class is going to work this time how do I know I'm in and what else do I need to do to prepare myself for the course Mireille
mireille 3.x Introductions
My name is Mireille said like Me-Ray. I live in Toronto Canada. I was a VP of International Training, left to go on sabbatical for a couple of years. I will be returning to a new job, new company in the fall. I have to find one first. My interest in Webcast Academy is to learn a new tool that I can use to enhance my corporate world. I review training programs for both the education and corporate world for a magazine called Training Media Review Just recently I audited an online course on podcasting. Although I'm not reviewing this course, I'm motivated to learn this because of the people involved and because what they do is so inspirational. My plan is to learn more webcasting as another tool I can use to add to my corporate learning toolchest. I tried last summer to attend this course and couldn't complete it but I have made time this summer to complete the course and to participate where I can --- as a volunteer, or contributor. I just think this is so fascintating and I'm very lucky to have found this group. thank you for allowing me in and being so patience with my questions. Mireille
mireille 3.x Introductions
Hi Joyce, Love the notion of the "mash-up" -- you're gonna fit right in around here. Doug Symington intern-webcaster-in-training
Doug 3.x Introductions

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