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Hi Thomas,
 Enjoyed the interview - useful info about and audio was clear. You'll notice that there's now audio flash player - that's because the audio was recorded at a 16kHz sample rate.

For the flash player to work, it needs to be 22 or 44 kHz. Not sure if that's a setting that can be changed in Pamela and it's nearly impossible to convert afterward without re-recording the audio. Pamela and other conversation recording programs are the most painless way to record conversations, although if you're interested in streaming the live conversations, they won't get the job done.  For that, you'll need the more painful 'Advanced Recording Methods
jeff Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom

Great Job Mireille. You can find info about editing audio here:

and my applauding comments in the video below
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plato Mireille's Interview with Vance Stevens

Thanks. I am really looking forward to learning more about podcasting.


tomshepp Thomas Sheppard

Hi Rick,

Nice to talk to you again. I was glad to see you on the class 4.1 list when I joined up. I like the Plantronics headsets ( for my jr high students to use in class. I have the ones that plug into the jacks on the computer but the usb ones are supposed to be better. The sound quality is good and it is all you really need.

I recorded my assignments using a Tascam US-122L audio interface and Tascam LD-74 mic. It belongs to my school and it all came in a box called a TNT Bundle, which I am not sure they are selling anymore. For the mcast project at AU, I have ordered the m-audio mobile pre ( and MXL 990 Condenser mic ( I had to balance ease of use for newbies against top quality audio recordings. I am also getting into podcasting for my project and it requires better sound, but honestly, the Plantronics is so good sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

I hope we get a chance to chat soon.


tomshepp Thomas Sheppard

Hi Mireille, Thanks for offering to interview me. Not only is that fun in and of itself, but it's got me back to the Webcast Academy site reliving old times as a Webcast Academy Wannabe. I've managed to get a stream or two going but bandwidth issues or something made my streams instable and crash in frustration when I did them from UAE and since I was often streaming my own events that was one layer of complication I didn't need so I sort of let the skill lapse. I admire anyone who sticks with it, and one day I'll come back on board. So many people help each other so much here, it's quite inspiring.

Well, welcome to your new team and good luck with your endeavors.


vances Mireille Massue's Introduction

Well, hi Thom - fancy meeting you here or perhaps not given our mutual interests in mcasting. What kind of headset are you using? I don't know if this is the best forum for this question but I would like to find out a recommended headset for mcasting (one that works well enough for podcasting, screen casting, and live web casting).

rreo Thomas Sheppard

Ultimately, you'll want to have an mp3 file to edit and publish (on this site and/or your own). This is the advantage of the 'advanced recording methods'. Although trickier to figure out initially, they provide much greater flexibility in the long run.

You could use Audacity, set to record stereo mix from your sound card, to record an archive from WizIQ or, but it certainly involves a lot of extra work.

jeff Step 3 - Conference Recording options

I was 6 years old when I was finally allowed in the deep end. Your daughter is impressive!!

Durff Robert Squires - Swimming

Very well done!Welcome to the milieu!!

Durff Thomas Sheppard

Hi Rick,

We talked on Skype a while ago about your univeristy's podcasting setup. Nice to bump into you here.


tomshepp Rick Reo Introduction - Class of 4.1

Nice to meet you. I have seen the ads for Full Sail uni, and I think I met one of their staff in Tappedin a few weeks ago. It sounds like they are doing some interesting things. Hope you are enjoying your course, and look forward to catching up.

Anonymous Chris Johnston Intro

I'm not going to permit my wife to listen to this 2 way audio recording. You are making all cheetos eating, soda drinking, pizza eating webcasters look bad!

In all seriousness, good stuff here!


mjmontagne Robert Squires -Domestic Bliss

I agree with Jeff. What a great way to end a webcast, "I gotta go." I also think your daughter has a nice technique for beginning as well with, "Ready dad!" I enjoyed listening to your 2 way conversation with your daughter, Robert!

mjmontagne Robert Squires - Swimming

Would you like to practice our interviews?


mireille Kate M.

i have a made note of the comments for future reference.

Now that I have my new headset, I'm good to go.

thanks you


mireille Mireille Massue's Introduction

by Dr. Radut