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Hello Shonie,

I enjoyed listening to your audio intro. I participated in the Webcast Academy a while back but I'm looking forward to checking in with the class of 4.1 as you all work your way through the learning experiences.


Matt Montagne
Palo Alto, California

mjmontagne Shonie Washington-introduction-class of 4.1

Hello Rick,

My name is Matt Montagne and I participated in the Webcast Academy about a year and a half ago. I'll be participating along a bit this summer with the class of 4.1. I'm looking forward to working with you this summer!

Matt Montagne
Palo Alto, California

mjmontagne Rick Reo Introduction - Class of 4.1

Hello Mireille,

Nice job with your first posting. I'm happy to have a conversation with you any time to share my experience in the webcast academy and worldbridges.

Looking forward to connecting up and again, nice audio post!


Matt Montagne
Palo Alto, California

mjmontagne Mireille Massue's Introduction
If you're talking about the Register link on the Step#1 page (shown below), then it's giving you an error because you are already registered and logged in.

If you're referring to something else, let us know which page and link.
jeff Webcaster Profile

Audio sounds good Mireille. Look forward to exploring webcasting possibilities from some virtual worlds. Your specs are OK, except the bit rate. You should be able to change that by opening the mp3 file and when exporting it, choosing 'options' and selecting '64kbs' where it says quality as shown in this screenshot:

jeff Mireille Massue's Introduction

Hi Rick,

Great to see you back in the hallways of the Academy. Great sounding audio and perfect specs. Look forward to connecting soon during a live session.


jeff Rick Reo Introduction - Class of 4.1

Tried using North America -> US as my region and it wouldn't le me download Notebook Drivers. I just put in Canada instead and found the driver with no problem after that.

Anonymous My SigmaTel Woes
Hi Shonie,

  Great to virtually meet you and I look forward to interesting 'Tunnels of Life' conversations. Also, look forward to hearing about your experiences at broadcast school.

Your audio sounds good, but the specifications are off. Firstly, it was exported as a .wav file, not an .mp3. Also, the bitrate is 705 kbs instead of 64kbs. Try taking another look at the step#2 screencast and audio specs page. If you're having problems with the 'lame encoder' part of installing audaciy, this screencast (  might be of some help.  If you succeed in exporting an mp3 with the right specs, edit your audio post and replace the audio file.  If you're having 'challenges' along the way, please post any questions and/or screenshots in the audio issues forum or show up to one of our scheduled open houses and we can troubleshoot live.  

Good luck,
jeff Shonie Washington-introduction-class of 4.1

Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting the ball rolling. Your audio sounds good and audio specs are perfect.

Welcome aboard,

jeff Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1


robertisquires Step 1 - Orientation & Audio Introdution


robertisquires Front Page Video Intros

for others who may be confused about how to leave audio or video comments, I just uploaded a screencast to:

jeff Help, I can't register or log in...

Disregard email. I got now,sorry!

Shonie Help, I can't register or log in...

This is my very first time learning webcam. What do I do next? Confuse!

Shonie Help, I can't register or log in...

Great to have you back, Parag. There's no need to re-register. Simply log in with your old ID and post a new audio introduction. I will clarify this in the welcome information.

plato Help, I can't register or log in...

by Dr. Radut