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I already have an account on Webcast Academy. I was an intern in the class of 1.1, but could not complete all the requirements. I would like to register for the class of 4.1, however I could not find any page to do so.

Can you please help me.

Parag Shah

Anonymous Help, I can't register or log in...

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback, i'll download the zip and keep you posted on the telephone recording.


MMASOOGA lemonde-introduction-2009-04-15

I had these problems with my Dell Dimension 3100c. After hours of searching I found a forum somewhere and a link to a Korean website. I remember it was Korean because I used google translate three times before I found the correct language. Anyway, I downloaded a driver from the page and .... da da! I had stereo mix and it worked great. The problem is that I was later forced to do a drive format (virus) and I lost the link to the site. Its as frustrating as hell because I know its out there but I cannot find the forum or the Korean site again.

Anonymous My SigmaTel Woes

I'm with Jeff, that was great! Welcome!

rodneymcname44 lemonde-introduction-2009-04-15

Great job with your introduction.  Sound is good and specifications and filename are right on.  You now have intern permissions, so feel free to try the next step of recording and posting a telephony recording.  Hopefully, your introduction will help breathe some life into the renovation process.  Will aim to get revised Step 3 instructions posted soon. 

Welcome aboard, 

P.S.  For compressing and uncompressing files, I have been very happy using 7-zip - open source and works great. 

jeff lemonde-introduction-2009-04-15

wow very thorough !

i duno if i can ask a question here .... anyways here goes.

i have toshiba laptop...with XP...realtek HD audio driver
It only lets me select either mic or stereo mix not both at the same time....ok here is the scenario ....

Im in a chatroom on the mic.... i wana play a song in realplayer and sing along with it on the mic.... i want chatters to hear me and the song playing on the realplayer. something like capturing both sides of the phone call ( your scenario )

how do i achieve this...

Anonymous Webcasting Overview (Windows)

Dennis: Have you tried this: go into your (aup) file, click on the File button, then click on Export As MP3...then, follow instructions in the MP3 file window that will open up?

For me, the key was realizing that this "conversion" of the document saved in Audacity can be done - provided you extracted the LAME folder inside the Audacity file - through this EXPORT function in the document's File menu.

Good luck! Lidija

Anonymous mp3 conversion with AUDACITY

After following along in 3 sessions, and muddling around in all the amazing doors that opened:

- from dozens of Web 2.0 applications and mashups,
- to a Ning moderator for Collaborative Translation,
- e-Learning (German smoke-free course together with my medical doctor friend),
- and other social networking stuff,
- Second Life and other 3D virtual worlds,
- Webcasting hardware and software configuration analysis,
- Webcasting process analysis,
- Webcasting outlook for advanced user modules, and other stuff too,

I guess I need to get back to the basic startup module that was the kickoff for this journey, and ultimately give it the finishing touches.

Best, James - Eurominuteman

Anonymous 3.x Introductions


I had participated in 1.1 at Webcast Academy a couple of years back, but unfortunately I could not complete the course.

I would like to register once again, and this time around, I will complete the course :-)

I am a software developer and coach from Pune, India. I am also very interested in the use of online technologies for teaching and sharing knowledge.


adaptives 3.x Introductions

Thanks Jeff. I had done that and had the code there, but did not click on the "full html" button. That made all the difference!

Thanks so much! Sheila

Sheila A., Science teacher, NH

sheilaa Antarctica Planning - Sept. 22, 2008

I just registered and am interested in starting with the new class! I am excited to get started. Anyone know how we will know when 3.2 gets underway?

Tami Dean
Doctoral student, Curriculum & Instruction
Illinois State University

tamidean 3.x Introductions

Hi! I'm Tami Dean and a doctoral student. I am interested in starting with the new 3.2 class. I'm looking forward to getting started!

Anonymous 3.x Introductions


I can't believe I'm writing. You would think I would be too embarassed to even come back. aaaaaaaaah

anyway I'm going to try again.

My name is Mireille (said like Me-ray) I'm extremely interested in learning more about webcasting. What I would like to do as part of my homework in these classes is to interview people will be learning webcasting, who have learned how to webcast and who are part of the edtalk program. I'm intrigue by people who have and who are web casting

Toronto, Canada

mireille 3.x Introductions
Screencast on how to embed a Ustream video:
Online video chat by Ustream
jeff Antarctica Planning - Sept. 22, 2008

Go for it Linda! :)

I'm around the corner,literally, to help!

Sheila A., Science teacher, NH

sheilaa Better late than never?

by Dr. Radut