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The Class of 3.1 Begins

Dear everyone who has ever registered at the Webcast Academy,

The Webcast Academy is finally back in session. Jose has already started the Spanish language session at the Moodle. Doug, Derral, & I will be starting the English language session at this week.

To become part of the Class of 3.1, take the first steps by July 31

-----------The First Steps---------------
More info and screencast guides at:

--- Take the Site Tour
--- Register and post a short introduction in the 3.1 Intro Forum
--- Skype in to a live Webcast Academy session - if you aren't able to join in live, skype 'webcastacademy' and leave a voicemail
--- Post a quick 'hello' in the group skype chat once you've been brought in
--- Record a 1-2 minute mp3 audio introduction and post it on the Webcast Academy site
Check out the Class of 3.x Course materials for additional information about the next steps.

Beginning this week, live sessions will be scheduled on Fridays at 00:00GMT (Thursday evening in the Americas) and Sundays at 1700GMT
---Session 3.1.1a - July 18, 00:00 GMT global times:
---Session 3.1.1b - July 20, 1700GMT global times:

In our ongoing efforts to provide meaningful recognition of the proficiencies developed at the Academy, Webcaster Badges and Certificates will actually be presented this time around - most likely at the grand Equinox Graduation Ceremony in September.

To members of 1.x and 2.x who are thinking, "Hey, what about our badges?!", you can finally 'graduate' by creating a webcast portfolio and scheduling a gradcast. More info at: Hopefully, these gradcasts will provide an opportunity for new interns to see some webcasting veterans in action and for the oldtimers to check out what these 3.1'ers are up to with their new fangled streaming methods and their own customized webcast studios.

All those who participated in earlier sessions but never finished the basic program are welcome to join in now. There is no such thing a failing at the Webcast Academy, only taking a more 'gradual' approach to one's webcast studies.

For those who want to stay tuned into Academy activities without webcasting themselves, you can subscribe to the feeds below:
--- All published audio:
--- All blog posts:
More subscription options at:

Thanks to all those who have continued to make the Academy such an interesting place to connect and collaborate.
I look forward to another exciting session of multi-cultural, open source learning and streaming,

Jeff Lebow

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