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Lee Baber


I have been a member of Webcast Academy for some time now. I love being part of this community and am always happy to help when possible. My first webcast was during the first academy session. I am not sure of the date actually but it was Class of 1.1. Susan E. and I were the first ones to get all the software downloaded and ready to go during that session. It was exciting. Having things work so smoothly a second time took a while but I finally succeeded in webcasting a series of Spacecasts with my 8th graders in the Personal Learning Space elgg. I am officially hooked now and can't imagine doing any presentation or important meeting without a webcast of some sort. I have been on Mac and am happy to see all the software getting easier to use. This is a thriving community and I am glad to be part of all the sessions. Now, I am looking forward to graduating. ~Lee

Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 

I was at school trying to webcast and was up against the firewall forces that be. I was assisted here by Jeff Lebow. I suppose this was not entirely a solo flight since I was connecting in via Worldbridges. My school opened the gates for me by the time school went back in session in August of 2006 and I was able to do the webcasts by myself. Other challenges were setting up Nicecast properly to capture both ends of the conversation, Sus Nyrop's connection being lost a couple of times, and my girls learning how to use mute and speak up in the microphone during the webcast. Editing was another challenge for this one. It was an extremey long conversation so I made some choices on what material to keep in so it was interesting to those listening to the podcast later. I had a hard time deciding what to cut out since I did not want anyone to feel badly about not having their contribution in the audio. I worked it out and you will hear the results. The content was amazing (not because of me in any way but because of the very special guest visit from Morteza from Iran.

Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 

I hosted the Brainstorm for Doug Symington for this webcast. My setup was Mac, Nicecast, Skype, Wiretap Pro as a backup recording, and a Planetronics headset. The recording starts after the show began due to technical difficulties...mosty my own! The audio quality was poor..voice levels were not even and I had to resort to a Planetronics headset after my mic broke right before showtime! I fixed it somewhat in the edit using is very time consuming to fix if not recorded well to start with. The biggest lesson learned was to practice, prepare, test, call someone or Skype lady to check the recording quality and to verify you are getting both sides of the conversation, and leave plenty of time before the show to do all of that preparation. Don't get flustered. Speak clearly and slow. Think about what you are shooting for as an end product. It may not and probably will not be what you expected but if you have a good idea before you start, you tend to have a better flow to your show.

Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 

The setup here was Mac, Nicecast, Skype, M-Audio FastTrack digital interface, three-pin mic cable, Shure 57 microphone, headphones (a variety of student earbuds and the like), CMS chat room, and Skype IM. Wiretap Pro recording software was used to record a backup in case Nicecast did not work and Apple Garage Band was used for audio editing. I used iWeb and iTunes to publish the podcast. I also edited in audio from our band, Cross Creek, for an intro and exit.

webcaster_portfolio | by Dr. Radut