LizLambert - HP dc7100

Lizlambert - Webcaster Setup

For the most part, I alternated between two computers and experimented with different headsets and a desktop mic.  This is the order in which I began:

USB Desktop Mic (AK5370)/Logitech Behind the Head Headset (separate jacks for mic and earpiece) plugged into USB port on the computer.

Remove the earphone jack from the headset and plug it into the standard speaker jack.

Configuring the computer:

Sound and Audio Device Settings -  

          Audio and voice tabs:

  •  Playback - sound card
  • Recording - sound card

Volume Control -

          Under Options/Properties:

  •  Mixer Device - Sound card
  • Select "Recording" in the Adjust Volume for Recording Box
  • Check "Wave Out Mix" or "What U Hear" in the Show Volume Control Box; Ok.
  • Next, Select your Headset/Desktop Mic as Mixer Device.  Check "Recording", "Capture"; Ok.

Telephony Program - Skype

  •  Microphone - AK5370 Desktop Mic/Logitech Behind the Head Headset
  • Speakers - sound card

Audio Recorder and Editor - Audacity

  •  Playback - Microsoft Sound Mapper Output
  • Recording - sound card
  • Select "Wave Out Mix" or What U Hear" on the menu bar

Software Bridging Tool - Virtual Audio Cables

          Audio Repeater setup

  • Wave in - Mic (AK5370)/Logitech Behind the Head Headset
  • Wave out - sound card
  • Sample rate -  44100
  • Total Buffers - 200
  • Bits - 22
  • Buffer - 12
  • Channel - Stereo
  • Priority - High


Streaming Service -


  • Select Video - Webcam Max
  • Audio - sound card.

Please see screencasts below for more details:


Operating System: