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Teacher Trek #3 Update/1st Webcast Session - Kim Caise

Below is the recorded session of my first webcast ever. Minhaaj lost power just as we started the webcast so I had to improvise on the fly until mrsdurff suggested that I call Peggy on skype. Peggy saved the webcast and was a fantastic interviewer as she took over for Minhaaj. Luckly Minhaaj's power was restored but unfortunately it was restored just as everyone signed off and went separate ways. Anyway, a redo is scheduled for tomorrow on the Worldbridges calendar at 5pm CST (check the world clock for time zone conversions - it isn't my forte converting time). Join us then at or for a TeacherTrek #3 redo!

View today's recorded session at:

studio_component | by Dr. Radut