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How do I include a flash player in my audio post?

Click 'create content/ audio' , choose the appropriate category for your post, and attach your mp3 file.
Screencast here:

 It is possible to include a flash player in a non-audio type post (see code below), but generally speaking it's more hassle than it's worth. Interns are encouraged to post all audio materials by clicking 'create content/audio'.


----code for outdated method----screencast here------

  <object width="125" height="18" align="middle" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
    <param value="" name="movie" />


recovering audio from other content

I'd like to know whether there is a way to recover and transfer uploaded files from one content creator to another (for eg. from the blog to audio or vice-versa).


recovering audio

Not really.  Fo rnow, drupal does not provide a way for an audio flash player to be appear with audio creating an audio post.  For this site, if you had attached audio to a blog post, I would suggest either deleting that blog post and/or removing the attached mp3 and creating a new audio post.

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