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Bee's intro


My name's  Barbara Dieu, or Bee as people call me online. I teach English as a Foreign Language at the Franco-Brazilian school in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I am recording this using Audacity. The music that you hear at the beginning comes from Gilberto Gil's site: . He is our Minister of Culture and also a famous musician, a pioneer at publishing songs under the Creative Commons License and on his site called (Banda Larga) Broadband you can find a series of remixes based on his songs so you can create your own re-mix or mash-up like I'm doing now.

update 28/07: I have added an explanation of the recording process here. 

update 29/07:  I have added the outdated code here for the flash button instead of uploading the mp3 file again to the audio content area so as not to encumber the webcastacademy server. I had to switch this text from WYSIWYG to text editor so as to place the code. hmmm, the button appears but the sound does not come out. Checking the html code. Still does not play...argh. Now , where is it that I had found that code? Ok..found my mistake..I added an extra pair of inverted  commas after the src, argh.­

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Download my mp3 1.55 mb 1.21"


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introbee1.mp31.55 MB


Thank you

Thank you the next exciting episodes on my blog :-)


Love that intro music!!! Great to have so many Brazillians on board! 



Dear Bee,

Great to see you around! Loved Gilberto Gil's intro and I didn't know that he was using Creative Commons. Great to know.

Hope to interact even more with you here. Cris Costa, Erika and I have been playing around, so join us any time, the Portuguese-speaking girls!!!

Your Merlot Conference will "Samba" with the skills we'll acquire here.



Bee's intro

Hello Bee,

I liked how you explained audacity, and how you explained about the creative commons music.


Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Now that's clever!

Bee , that was really cool with the intro music! 

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