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My Introduction

Hello All,

My name is Lisa Parisi and this is my first official Webcast Academy audio file.  I had fun creating it and adding music.  I was very relieved to find we were using Audacity because, although I am by no means an expert, I have used it before and am familiar with how it works.  I was, however, dismayed to find that, when I tried to export my file as an mp3 file, Audacity could not find the Lame file needed for conversion.  And, I was unable to handle what turned out to be a simple fix.  I had to wait for my husband to wake up and play around a bit until he helped the computer search for the file.  It wasn't where I had placed it.  It had opened in the c drive and I wasn't looking there.  Very frustrating always having to rely on someone else to help me with technical difficulties.  I hope this class helps me become more familiar with some of the audio technology so I can better handle these issues.

lparisiintro_2007-07-27.mp31.23 MB

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