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SpaceCast #3

Spacecast, ThePersonalLearningSpace webcast,airs "live" on Friday at 18:10 GMT (2:10 - 2:40 EST) from the home studios of the CompTech8 Podcast Classroom. Join in the antics of this group of elgg students as they host a Webcast with learning facilitator Lee Ann Baber. Special guests this week are Susan Nyrop, Kathy Malsbenden and Mr. Kimball with his 8th grade class from New Hampshire. Everyone is invited to join in for a lively discussion with guests and students at the end of our third live webcast.

Susan Nyrop, in her show notes to the students says "Hello, I'm Sus and I'm a friend of your teacher. We sometimes meet with other friends and talk online but we never met on the same place. I would like to tell a few personal things about myself:   I'm a teacher as well,   I live in North Europe, in Denmark, in a town called Farum north of Copenhagen,and I was born not far from here.  I really enjoy travelling and I can speak many foreign languages,  I have had many domestic animals in my life and  nowadays I prefer experimenting with creative and informal computer communication.  Today, I would like to talk with you about animals! The largest animals I've ever seen were whales and the smallest would be insects such as ants or bees! Taking photos of bees is much easier than of whales  - at least if you have the patience to wait until the bee settles down in a flower nearby.

I would love to send some of these postcards with animal photos to my grandchildren  -which is your favorite animal?

Animal Photos

 Did you ever consider what sounds animals are supposed to say in different languages?
Animal Sounds

When you get some spare time, listen to how different animals sound -
Junglewalk Animal Sounds

Yours, Sus"

We all hope to see you there!!

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