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Finally got my introduction posted. I must say I was somewhat overwhelmed after the first meeting the other night and hope I can keep up. I am on EDT in PA, work in a K-12 district as a year round employee and summer is very busy for me at work. I also have to get all software I am downloading onto my machine approved ahead of time which I have to plan for. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and think this will be a great group of people to work with and learn from!


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Congrats Robin!

A new grandmother, that will be something to sing about! I didn't know3 PA had any certification like that...I want to know what I would have to do to add that to my certificate. Although I teach in MD, I have PA Instructional I. I grew up in New Hope, PA. 


Maybe we know each other

Yes new grandomther, my daughter and her husband have moved back to this area from VA, my son in law was transferred to Langhorne and my daughter is a guidance counselor. So it is very early, Katie, my daughter, is due in March. Interesting mrsdurff I live in Carversville, PA my children graduated from New Hope Solebury! How long have you lived in Maryland? Maybe we know each other? PA has an instructional technology certification, I have finished my coursework at St. Joe's and will sit for the praxis in September I hope.

It's a small world after all....

I lived, or my mother and her husband lived, at Phillips Mill. Not Phillips Mill Road, but the actual Phillips Mill north of New Hope on River Road. We moved there, back the dirt lane, sometime in 1968. I went to boarding school in 1976 at George School, Newtown-Langhorne. My step father lived in that house until he died in 2006. We lived between the river and the canal. I remember enjoying the barges going by at night in the summertime. I attended New Hope-Solebury elementary and middle school in the high school, there was only one building for us all then from 1st grade to 8th grade. I just moved to MD in 2005. PA didn't have that certification when i went to school. I took NTE's, the predecessor to the praxis. i'm sure you will ace it!


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