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Skype Conference How-to

Did this screencast:

On how to make a conference call. Had to redo audio (which made it better) because the telephony set up for Audacity did not work for CamStudio. 


Skype How-to

Great job of explaining! I always find these screencasts very useful!

The next one you need to do is how to make a youtube video ;-) 

Unfortunately, I couldn't  find my voice, but I figured out the problem - it's those darned audio cables. I'll certainly try it again though, amybe with you again? See you around in Skype :-)


Response Skpe Conference Call

Cool screencast but, aren't we class of 2.2

Which class?

Look at Left sidebar, and intros to class of 2.1 was listed, so I went off of that? I guess I was wrong.


Be nice! 


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