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Frustration Abounds!

I spent four hours yesterday trying to get my computer to record sounds not going through my mic.  Finally gave up and went to bed.  My husband, who had been trying with me, kept at it and, at around 2 AM, woke me to tell me he was successful.  Now here I sit at 7 in the morning, waiting for him to wake up and tell me what he did.  I remember something about my not turning on the VAC and about using a different repeater but can't duplicate it myself. 

I find this whole endeavor very frustrating.  I try to follow the directions and complete assignments on my own but, every single time I have some little glitch, I have to turn to him for help.  I was hoping this class would show me how to succeed on my own.  Perhaps my lesson instead is to learn to accept assistance.  I'm trying.


Your doing great!

I know you will get it!!! 


Lisa's success!

I knew you would and you did! Bravo!! 


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