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Recording Two Way Audio

Robin Ellis and I (Jose Rodriguez) spent a few minutes trouble shooting how to record two way audio using Audio Repeater and Audacity.  I go through the settings on a PC.  Have a listen as everything clicks into place!  



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Jose, that sounded a great tutorial. I'm going to try and follow it through for myself.




reply to Robin and JoseR


This course is going so well because people are using the opensource method for support. Jose, thanks for giving great instruction and guidance. Sounds great.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Jose was a great help

Jose was a great help today, I hope to get to editing and posting my portion of the conversation tomorrow. Thanks again Jose you made it easy for me!Robin Ellis


 I have never had "what you see is what you get" or any choice everyone else has in their audacity. I kinda think it must be a sick sound card....reeks of new cpu...but not the dave way....


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