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Lisa Parisi - telephony call with Durff

After many trials, I finally recorded a fabulous conversation with Durff.  Had fun talking.  Editing was tricky as our voices were mixed together and I sound much louder than she but for my first attempt, I think it went well.  Enjoy!


Congrats, Lisa

Lisa, you got it! Don't give up. There's much for us to learn here and it's all helpful for the classroom. I was an intern last year, but gave up, this year I promised myself I'd stick to it. With such a wonderful group, we can only look for successes on our endeavors! 

Also, don't give up on Audacity. It's a great tool. Last week was the first time I was successful recording with it. How did I do it? Listened to Jeff's screencasts many times, and kept trying different settings to see what worked. and Voilá!



Reply to Lisa P


Good for you to stick with it. Isn't it humbling to be on the learning side of instruction and feel how our students feel sometimes. I think it is a good reminder, for me anyway. Susan and I are amazed at what all of you webcaster wanna bes are doing. We added telephony to this week due to the number of returning webcasters. We wanted to provide a way to differentiate the curriculum. Plus we have some wonderful supports out there like Durff! Go Durff.

Thanks for joining and keep working you sound great and you are making progress.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 


And you deserve it! The volume differential can be evened out with levelator (also free)


 Victory!! I am very proud of you Lisa!!! (Great names stick together)



Congratulations, Lisa. All your hard work paid off. 

Maria Knee, Kindergarten teacher, Deerfield New Hampshire

Telephony call

Lisa, Nice job with your recording

I enjoyed listening to it. Durff has been a great help.

Cheryl Lykowski

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