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Telephony Recording

I am still new at PowerGramo and just kind of using it without reading the directions first. It seems to automatically record a skype call, except for the time I was actually planning on using that recording for the assignment...hmmm. This is a short call to my mom to try to explain what I am doing with the webcast academy. I tried to edit some in Audacity, but found it very dificult to do when 2 people are talking at once! Practice, practice, practice!


Nutrition Julie

Oh, Julie, your webcasts, podcasts are going to be famous! Our Gov. Baldacci, in Maine, just announced a fitness initiative, with Joan Benoit and Seth Westcott, 2 ME Olympians. Take it Outside. I can see you developing a great title for your show!

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Julie you sound like an expert!


 I think you blew someone's brain with your recorded Skype call! You Go Girl!


Academy Mom

Hey Julie,

   Your mom sounds very cool.  You may notice that the flash player didn't appear in your post - this is because of the audio specs.
You can find information about audio specifications here:
and a relevant screencast here:
Configuring Audio Specifications in Audacity

Also, while PowerGramo provides a nice, easy way to record a telephony call, it won't work for the next step of webcasting (streaming).  You can find more info here
and a screencast here:
Recording both ends of a telephony call in Windows

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