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My Introduction

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Hi Dear Webcasters,

My name is Jose Antonio. I am a Brazilian teaching EFL in Brasilia. This is my first time creating content at The Webcast Academy. I am a great fan of blogs and podcasting for teaching. I always try to use them to help my students learn. I also have learned a through this kind of media. I am looking forward to improving my webscasting skills.

Abraços from Brazil


José, Loved to see you here!


It's wonderful to see you here! You know you can always count on Erika and me for whatever you need. Do it in your own pace as I know Thomas rhythm, mainly in the beginning of the semester. If you need help, scream! We'll hear you.


 Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

Thanks a lot

Hi carla,

Thanks a lot. I know how helpful you and Erika are. I will definetely count on you if I need any help.


José Antônio

Jose Antonio da Silva's intro

 Excellent job! Thanks for joining us!


Hose B

O.K. that makes it official.  I will now be known as Hose B.  Welcome to the Webcastig Community!

Jose Rodriguez
Educational Technologist Working with 21st Century Learners

Currently; 3rd Grade and Adult ESL  teacher from Los Angeles, CA (USA)


Hi Jose Rodriguez,

Thanks for your kindness. We could be called Jose A and Jose R. There wouldn't be a problem. It is very nice to meet another Jose here at the academy. Hope we can chat some time.

Abraços from Brazil


Sorry Jose R


 You'll just be 'hey yo'!




Excellent audio introduction. We know this course can be overwhelming, that is why none of us have graduated! Also, many people here are taking the class for the 2nd time. YOU can finish at your own pace. You will not fail.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 


Hi Cheryl,

Thanks a lot for your kind words. I am glad you can understand how overwhelmed we teachers sometimes are with class preparation and everything. However, I am a multitasker and I will do my best to follow the threads at my own pace and will be taking it a second time like, as you said, many others have.


José Antônio

audio | by Dr. Radut