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Reflections Week 1

Looking back at week one, I wanted to take some time to write about what went well and what my challenges are. First some background; I jumped into webcasting on my own.  In a planning session for Webheads in-action conference, I asked Jeff if I could learn how to stream.  I figured, It couldn't be that hard.  Oh, was I in for a big surprise.  With Jeff's help and my coach; Doug Symington, I played around some basic streaming.  The screencasts were great in getting started.  I faced the same frustrations that some of you felt this past week.  I followed the procedures but things were still not working.  I also found out that having a resource like skype chat did wonders in communicating with fellow webcasters.  Doug and Jeff were very patient as I went through trial and error.  Webbeads in-action was a great weekend to practice.  There were so many conferences using a variety of presenting platforms.  My funniest story was a session in Tapped in.  Jeff must have dozed off after 40 or 50 hours of streaming.  Doug and I thought that we should stream the session since Jeff was sleeping in his podcave.  To our surprise;  Tapped in is only text.  We kept on asking;  where is the sound.  Oh well, that's life in the Webcasting World!  This past week I did my intro. I am getting a lot of practice editing in audacity. I have also learned a lot in setting the preferences so that flash player appears when audio is uploaded.  (Jeff reminded us to create a screencast with Jingo, that's my next task)  and coached Robin Ellis on setting up VAC and recording our conversation.  I also learned that there are big differences between setting up a PC and a Mac.  For now I will stick for PC.  Actually as I gain more experience I will pilot webcasting with a Linux platform.   Great first week!  I am now networking and learning more each day about Webcasting.  

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