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Illya's second try - with screenshot

here's the screenshot
audio settings_2.doc177.5 KB


Troubleshooting possibilities

Hello Illya,

   A few possibilities to experiment with...

1) In your volume controls, go to the recording controls for your sound card -  is stereo mix selected?
2) Looks like your recording volume is totally down.  Is it possible to slide that to the right or does is refuse to move?
3) Was your audio repeater started?
4) Try selecting your soundcard as your sound recording default device.

Also, if possible try to attach the screenshots as an image rather than a doc - easier to fiddle with the raw image. If you need a handy little graphic program that you can use to paste screenshots to, I can recommend IrfanView -  (it's free)

Good luck and look forward to hearing how things go.



Jeff, thanks for helping out. For some reason though, I didn't change anything and it worked this morning, quite spontaneously at that. hmm.

I still don't have a pop-up for whatUhear, which makes me a bit sad, but I guess I'll learn to live without.

Illya Arnet-Clark


 No expert here, but I'm wondering why Audacity is in English and other stuff in German - could there be a problem with this? Firefox is in English too. I wonder...anyone know?

Can you here the strains...."...climb every mountain....."




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