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Graduation, Just Do It!


With so many projects going at the same time, who has the time and energy to do more?  The It's Elementary Team started webcasting without the proper certification.  It reminds me of my first teaching assignment; we called it an Emergency Permit. So, what are my plans?  I know I can take 50+ weeks to do this.  I figure I get as much done in those 50 weeks than in the next few.  I plan to graduate on Saturday August 25th at 9:00 Pacific 16:00 GMT World Fixed Time

Jose Rodriguez,  3rd Grade Teacher and Adult ESL Los Angeles, CA (USA) ; It's Elementary Webcast  


'Doin' It' Inspiration

You're inspired me Jose - time to just post an event listing and make it happen. Have scheduled my graduationcast for August 11, 1700GMT .

Jose's Graduation

 Lucky you. I'm aiming for the year 2017.


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