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Feeling Emotional...Sorry

I know I sound like a complainer, a griper...and really, I'm not.  But I feel like I'm back in high school.  I missed one class, just one, and am so lost I feel like I'll never catch up.  I watched Jeff's screencast (Thank God for him!) and understand all the settings I need.  But I don't have a password to try out streaming, don't know where to go to try out streaming, don't know how to schedule time to try out short, can't try out streaming.  I'm ready to quit.  But what kind of message would that send to my daughter.  So I think, instead, I'm going to take a break.  I never knew technology could be so frustrating!  I've always found it to be exhilerating and fun.  Ha!


Please don't give up!

Lisa, please don't give up!  I will be missing most classes now as this course is run during my school day time - so I will be listening to the podcast and reading the chatroom notes and watching the screencasts too!  (I second, the thank goodness for Jeff!).  I can't seem to record both sides of the conversation and what's keeping me going is the wonderful reflection that people are sharing about the issues they are having.  There are so many people in this class willing to help us at any time of the day and if you see me online (skype: nzchrissy) please call me and we can chat together. 

NZ Chrissy

Lisa, Hang in there!

Dear Lisa,

Stick to us! Don't give up. We're around. There's a whole bunch of great people ready to give you a supporting hand. This is my second time in the Webcastacademy. Last year, I was completely lost, was not ready for so much info. This year is a totally different story. I'm with a group of friends, we're trying things together, we pull our hair together and we're starting to ride the big waves we see in audacity. You'll get there! Let us know how we can help. I'm in US Eastern time. Generally I'm online in the morning. If you see me in Skype, just call me to test things.

Hang in there!


Carla Arena (Skype ID: carlaarena)

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

Lisa-don't worry

 Hi Lisa

Please don't give up. I went through a really frustrating time of only being able to record one half of a conversation, but with Durff and Carla's support, I kept at it and succeeded.  I can try to help you. We're 'only' 6 hours difference I thnk (are you in NY?). Let me know, we can try the sandbox and give it a try.

- to those in the know: can we use the sandbox at any time or do we have to schedule?

I know you can do it!!!

btw- have you read Durff's blog entry about frustration? I think it's very illuminating. 

Illya Arnet-Clark

Lisa, don't quit yet

Lisa, Make a new plan for yourself. Do you need to graduate this session? Doyou need to finish all things each week? Can you work with a team? Although these are incemental steps, it all comes together at the end of 5 weeks.

Hang in, there are many here who are taking this course for more than the second time. 


Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

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