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Teachers Teaching Teachers

Wednesday 9pm EDT, Thursday 1am GMT
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Join us as we define and give context to the words needed for a technology plan.
Join in as we get ready to build the technology plan.

How should we build a technology plan for our schools as Web 2.0 evolves? What is ideal? What is viable? What has been done and what should be done next? How do we keep it REAL?

Can a visionary technology plan also be a flexible plan? Can a visionary tech leader be a teacher and a successful instructional consultant to other teachers at the same time?


Moving ahead

Share some of your experiences and then share some of your vision. Last week we got started and this week we move ahead! After all, school is almost over and the time for the plan is now!

Great Website / Follow-Up

I loved the site you created to track the webcast, Teachers Teaching Teachers . I find great solace in being part of a group of educators who face similar challenges as we all work on and off the job to give our kids the most "alive" learning environment we can offer. I like to think of it as a living education which plants the seeds to love learning for a lifetime! Thanks Susan and Paul for inviting me.

getting ready for this week!

Thanks Lee for the comments! Do you know someone else you'd like to invite to join us? Please feel free! Please check out the Upcoming Events for some suggestions for thinking about this week's show.

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