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Carla Streaming with Cris and Illya


 Yes! We made it! Checked all the details. What you'll hear is a quick, fun talk with Cris Costa and Illya. I used Audacity to record our conversation even having the automatic back up of Simplecast. With Audacity open, it's much easier to edit when it's over. I had to edit something I repeated twice in the beginning of the recording. Used more tools available this time in Audacity. Zoom really helps to get the right spot to cut. I used my USB mic and headphones and was working on a PC.

The problem I faced? At around 3 minutes, you'll start to listen to an echo. I guess that's because the girls were also testing all sorts of things with recording, mic, audacity settings. Any clues? That's my guess. I'll do it again to check for the echos. The one from the Audio Repeater is good enough! I don't need any other.


My Checklist:


Volume Control Properties

Mixer Device: SoundMax Digital Audio (my sound card)

Adjusted volume for Recording 

Clicked on Wave out mix


In Skype

Tools - Options

Audio Settings

Microphone: AK5370

Speakers:  SoundMax Digital Audio (my sound card)

Uncheck Let Skype Adjust my Audio Settings


In Audacity

Audio Preferences

Recording Device:  SoundMax Digital Audio (my sound card)

Channels: 1 (mono)

File Formats

MP3 Export Setup

Bit Rate: 64 

Wave Out Mix in the Mic options (popup on the front page) (By the Way, I learned that this option was only possible for me if I dealt with the Volume properties first)



Click on Start (it doesn't start streaming)


General Options

Capture Sound from Device: SoundMax Digital Audio (my sound card)


Click on Encoders

Add New Encoder (+) 



Output Format Details 

Codec: MP3

Bit Rate: 64kb/s

Sample Rate: 44,1 KHz

Channels: Stereo

Stream Archive

Click on Save stream to File

Server Details provided by Jeff

Start Encoder

Now Streaming 

Checked the Webcastacademy 

Name of the show on

Listened to the Stream 




Audio repeater

Wave in AK5370

Wave out Soundmax

Total Buffer 100



Start Recording in Audacity 


Skype Conference 

Create Conference

Choose Contacts (Cris Costa and Illya)


Screenshot of Settings

Streaming Screenshot


Magic! We got it. We were planning to stream Cris Costa's talk on her Master's Dissertation, but I didn't make it. The fact is that I could succesfully stream having these two wonderful partners as witnesses and having great fun with them. We realized that Webcasting is great because nobody will see our voices blushing! Thanks, girls, for taking your time to be there with me. Here's the screenshot of the moment. We DO love the big waves in Audacity even if every time I have to amplify, but to a lower volume. What loud, excited Webcasters-to-Be we are!



Can't wait for more!

Carla Arena



Streaming Carla

Carla, you rock!!! (thumbs up!)

It was so wonderful talking to you and Cris! My, we are a loud bunch of webcasters ;-), but very enthusiastic!

I hope your son had a great birthday. 

 Big hug!!!

Illya Arnet-Clark

Illya, Thanks!

Dear Illya,

We're all moving along! It's just great to be with you all here. No task is hard enough when you have supporting hands and excited voices to encourage you to keep going.




Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator 

Reply to Carla, Cris and Illya


Nice job!! I really like too  how Carla put all the specifications in her reflection listing all the tools and  even a screenshot!

Excellent job. I was excited to hear Cris' and Illya.

I like how you trouble shoot trying to figure out the settings. This is how streaming is all the time, you need to be ready to troubleshoot during shows and conversations. This makes you a better webcaster. Also, you will be listening to a conversation and you may be the one with the idea on how to fix a problem. Congratulations!

It is exciting.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Thanks, Cheryl!

Dear Cheryl,


Thanks for your always prompt feedback! It's just great to be here with all of you. Well, although I spent some time (or a great deal!) last night writing this post and retrieving all the settings, I decided that this time it would be different from last year's. Documenting things is the first step for reflection and an important resource for future reference. Also, if someone is having problems with the configs on a PC, maybe, by looking at my settings, he/she can troubleshoot and spot where the problem is. And, I want to do little-by-little, so when I have to put everything together, the job is already there. This time I want to do the right way! 


Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator  

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