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It's Elementary

It's been a great two weeks.  We've practiced recording and streaming but, there remains an essential question.  Where are all the GUYS?  It kind of reminds me of my experience as an Elementary School teacher.  It is very typical to find ratios of 10 to 1 female to male teachers.  Come On  boys!  Don't do this to me.  I am making an ALL CALL to all the MEN Webcasters to be.  This is your chance.  Doug, Jeff, Jeff Flynn, Jason, Dave Baron, Troy, Jose A and I can only do so much before the final Domination!

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast and a GUY!


I agree...

Hi Jose,

I agree with Carla, Lisa, and Cheryl -- the ladies are doing a great job. They are certainly willing to help though, so this lost boy is (hopefully) on his way to getting a webcast going. I was close tonight, and hope to have the problem solved soon.

Thanks for the encouragement and I look forward to hearing your show.


Troy Hicks

Time Zone: Eastern

Girls Rule!

Sorry, Jose. But the girls in this group are just fantastic, starting with the WebcastingQueens, Cheryl and Susan! You're all great, too. So just relax and be happy to be surrounded by so many webcasting Ladies!


Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

Viva les femmes!

Go Brazilbridges!!

Male lurkers

Maybe Jose, the men are lurking this time around!

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Viva les Femmes!

We need more women on the web anyway. Sorry Jose.........


Invite them!

Jose - you just need to model the fun and invite them! It will work - look at what Jeff and Dave and Doug have accomplished welcoming all of the "women" into the group! 


Susan Ettenheim

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